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Seen it All

Pitahaya, die Drachenfrucht, ist ausser

Exhibition from 21st until 30th of september 2018

Prolongation until 6th of october 2018


At my second exhibition Seen in All I showed five new series of photographs and photo collages that reflect the overall theme of perception vs. reality. The show aspects of surprise, inspiration, beauty and wit that can easily be overseen in every-day life.

The expression "I've seen it all" sounds like the echo of the time we live in. We all have been flooded and drowned with images in the omni-present digital information overkill. But have we really seen it all? My pictures suggest to take a closer look and to reflect how little we actually perceive and understand if we take only a swift glance at the things that come across our ways. 

I welcomed between 300 and 400 guests and got a very positive response. About 30% of the pictures were sold. 

All exhibits were being produced by Salon Iris, Vienna. The wines served at the vernissage were supplied by Martel am Bellevue, Zurich.

The whole exhibition can be seen here following the "Tour" button. The pictures are still for sale. Please contact me, if you're interested. The pictures I've already sold can be reprinted in other formats, if you wish. The editions of the pictures are indicated, usually 5. 

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